YOLO – You Only Live Once

I Know a Guy …the quality of a vacation is often dependant on who you know. Having someone share their best spots with you only increases your chances of having a great vacation.

This site is dedicated to that spirit. Non-commercial and TripAdvisor member friendly – anything posted here is an unbiased view based on personal experiences while travelling.

A complete digital experience for rookie travellers and for those that like to explore on their own

  • Shortcuts to TripAdvisor, directly to relevant forums and postings
  • Google maps, showing locations and surroundings
  • Youtube videos of the actual vacation experience

Truth in Advertising …..How’s that for an oxymoron
The whole purpose of advertising is to sell us goods and services and quite often it’s what they don’t tell us that is the problem. The travel industry is no different and it can make or break a vacation. Then along came TripAdvisor. Founded by Stephen Kauf in 2000 –TripAdvisor currently has millions of unbiased traveller reviews, hints & tips submitted by fellow travellers. It has had a positive effect on both travellers and their hosts. That’s power. Thank You Stephen.

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